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Originally Posted by trk06 View Post
sorry to hear sh*t like that happen to anyone. get the cops to get finger prints if you can.
Pretty sure they wore gloves, the cops said they're not gonna finger print, idk why???!
But I hope they decide against. They said it was pointless for some reason -.-
Originally Posted by StevenY. View Post
Scum bags... Stealing floor mats and air fresheners on top of vandalizing your car? Sorry for what happened to you.
Sounds like low life wanna bes :/
Originally Posted by 328skidpad View Post
someone was watching you and probably has a close eye on your girlfriend. Ask you girlfriend if she knows anyone in the area/building that make her feel uneasy or even a person who is over friendly

good luck...

price to pay for being financially stable in this market...

I own a IT consulting/employment firm and its scary how devilish some unemployed people get, especially when they see a pretty girl and a bmw boyfriend...
She wouldn't know anyone because she's never there or out in the open roaming the apartment but ill ask, I'm sure it was because of me and my past though of ppl I fought with and my friends fought with
Originally Posted by Ben from RI View Post
sounds like a bad night
Bad was an understatement for me :/ it was bitter sweet cuz at least I get to repaint my car lol
Originally Posted by gds52 View Post
Damn...thats really sad. I hope you get everything worked out with your insurance.
Also I wish that guy is caught by the cops.

Lesson3: Never park your nice car outside your gf (new) house. Just in case her ex is a bad guy.
Thanks! She's new to the state though so it couldn't be that. I wish it was that easy :/
Originally Posted by Chrispy650 View Post
Sorry to hear man. Sounds like someone really had something against you.
Pretty sure those fckrs were too scared to call me out so that's why they did that
Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
Hope you have insurance. That sucks.
Luckily I do!
Originally Posted by unrealii View Post
Damn, that sucks. Hope you get it fixed soon.
I have used Skill Craft body shop in Huntington Beach in the past and they have done a phenomenal job.

Where in long beach was this?
Thanks for the referral, ill check them out tomorrow. It was in north long beach on south and cherry
Originally Posted by E90_boostjunky View Post
Im so Sorry to hear that man, I can imagine how your feeling, I hit a damn raccoon yesterday (on my birthday) and destroyed my whole front end. Thank god for insurance. Good luck buddy. Post up some pictures
Sorry to hear :/ glad your insurance helped though! How'd a raccoon do so much damage? Lol and will do, pics will come soon
Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Where did you park for this to happen?? Sorry to hear about that. I hope you get everything sorted out.
I parked on a main street, next to a church and it was next to an elementary school and thank you
Originally Posted by ihsanshaik View Post
That sucks. I hope everything works out for you. Idiots out there. You sure you didn't piss off anyone? My friend thought he left his lexus locked in my friends driveway in a very high class neighborhood. They stole his milk and took his cash but left all the credit cards and wallet. They are just punks out there who just do it for no real reason. Daddy issues.
I'm pretty sure its olddddd beef, I don't drive like a dick nor am I stand-offish towards anyone. But hey I guess they helped in a way cuz now I can repaint my car
Its sad how people can steal stuff out of fun with no content for other's belongings. Sorry to hear about your friend's losses and break in :/
Originally Posted by Hybrid For Life View Post
Damn sorry to here this man. I'll be waiting for the pics also!
Soon enough
Originally Posted by Murse View Post
That sucks man. Sorry to hear. What part/area of LB were you in? This is part of the reason I was glad that while I lived there I had underground gated parking.
It was in north long beach on south and cherry. Her place didn't have secured parking
Originally Posted by TwinTuning View Post
Sorry to hear man. You may need to check engine bay and gas tank.
I checked it all and syphoned it all out before starting the car again with 1 gallon of fresh clean gas but thanks for reminding me on that!
Originally Posted by caliguy562 View Post
I'm pretty certain this wasn't a random act of vandalism. The stolen floor mats and air freshener was probably done to make it appear like a vehicular burglary. Too personal and my money is on some guy who likes the gf. Ask me how I know....reminded me of hs and the fucker waited until the final day of our senior year.
I'm sure it was personal. If it was vandalism, it wouldn't be that bad but it was horrific to say it short. All of my papers were ripped to shreads (important in car docs)
I don't think anyone knows I'm with my girlfriend because my ex and I broke up not too long ago and they are probably still thinking I'm with the same person. I hope you were able to beat his ass
Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
that sucks. strong beach FTL.
Tell me about it :'( fckn hate this city. Well the people who inhabit it. Damn asians lol (I'm asian too) they're the same race as me and I hate them. Isn't that absolutely pathetic?

Originally Posted by junkie90 View Post
I'm sorry to hear that, man. I agree with you on the alarm but that's why we have insurance! I try to keep valuables locked up in the glove box or trunk where I can double lock via the trunk-lock switch in the glove box. Hopefully going through insurance will be quick and painless. Good luck, OP!
I didn't think of staying for longer than 20 mins but that changed when her dad made food and we talked. I usually lock the glove and trunk but these dumb fcks didn't even open my trunk. I have subs and an amp and a ps3 in there but it was all untouched. If it were me, I would've taken the most expensive traceless objects such as those
And thank you!
Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
damn bro! that sucks lmk if there's anyway i can help
Thanks bro, much appreciated ! <3
Originally Posted by kbryce View Post
damn dude

that really sucks

good luck with everything
Thank you
Originally Posted by fresh_LA View Post
sucks man, I hate reading these threads and then realizing your local.

hope it all works out for you.
I hear LA is worst but for the honda game. Luckily, LA has safer streets in a sense for nicer cars. Keep your eyes peeled because I heard of an m3 being ripped for wheels and seats on the spot along with other things in LA about 2 weeks ago
That's even worst than my case!
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.