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Originally Posted by CruzS4e92 View Post
i'm sitting here watching tv, my car in the driveway... there's no way i could hear it. but the flashing lights and noise as a deterrent for the degenerates to scamper off, i get

sorry OP that's rough
alarms aren't anti vandalism after all, in all honesty, they're more or less to scare people off or to attract other's attention so you don't get your car destroyed too much i guess. I'm gonna invest on a full time running dash cam

Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
To the OP, i'm sorry that happened to you but I hope you get everything fixed in no time but so far from these stories being posted here on the forums, all I can say 2013 isn't looking pretty for us BMW owners.
Tell me about it :/ I'm honestly thinking of jumping off of the bmw scene and returning to get a supra. But this car just won't let me go! Lol

Originally Posted by rorkor View Post
Man, you parked it next to a church and it got jacked? With all the other things that have happened with your car, maybe god is trying to tell you to buy a Honda. Sorry Kiwi, hope it turns out well with your insurance. Did the glass damage your leather? Maybe some fresh covers are in the mix too.
Hondas around here get stolen, not just broken into. How do I know? 9 of my friends got their heavily built hondas stolen after spending serious cash on building their motors, boost kits, suspension etc.
But I'm not too sure if the glass damaged my seats. I have yet to touch the car because the feeling is too fresh and id, with all honesty and pride right now, cry touching the car again. I'm sure you'd understand as well but thanks for telling me to check on those, id never guess to check the seats out of everything
Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post

In all seriousness, I hope everything is sorted out in a timely manner. This sucks Donkey Kong balls, I'm Sorry.
Pics will be up soon and thank you!
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I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.