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Finally solved it..

The video is not very good, I was fighting for grip and I did not have a long runway to test it at. But the speed of the revcounter is now improved. (This is very visible at the last gearchange in the video)

All it requires is a custom nettodat coding.

Start Tool32, press F3 and select KOMB87.

Choose the job Codierdaten_lesen and use 0x3103 as argument.

Now you get something like:

0000 : 8E 17 03 34 00 DC 07 9B 0D 95 12 43 15 00 00 90 ?..4..? .?.C...
0010 : 06 7D 0B C1 0F 0E 12

8E is the checksum, 17 is the startposition of the needle (thus the lowest value the rev counter can show, more on that later)
The next value is the interesting, it is the dampening factor. The lower the value, the faster the needle moves.. The next values defines the scale, and the maximum - and the last, well dunno.

But changing the 03 to 00 will more or less disable the dampening factor.

So all you need is to create a custom nettodat file with the data needed. Set the checksum to FF, NCSExpert will correct it while writing. And then write the nettodat file to the kombi.

Done deal.