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JVR Performance, Port Washington!

I've been going to a few places before I actually meet John, from a good friend, MysticDroptop. Once, I left my car, I knew it was in good hands... and a few hours (2) later, I got a call.. hey your car is ready. I was like!!!

To this day, I've never use any other 'performance' person to do installs on my car. I trust him fully and he is down to earth and NOT about to rip you off, or push you on the side. If he can't do a job, he'll simply tell you, "no I can't do it in this time frame, whats good for you........."

So far that I know of he did........

-Midpipes install.
-**AA Processor (soon)** [Parts inhand, just no time, on my part]

NX Express Stg 1 EFI Kit
NX Express GENX-2 Accessory Pack
MSD Digital RPM Window Switch
NGK Colder Spark Plug setup
Autometer Wideband Digital AFR Gauge

Whole NOS setup......

Phone: 516-883-2470 (John)
Fax: 516-883-2478

35 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050

Nothing is better then a fanatic that actually comes to meets, shows you how decided someone is.........