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Originally Posted by Kit523 View Post
this guy is such a sucker....
very cheap..!!!just go and dispute this item,...ignore this guy
i mean....he is trading his 335i for a m3....and i wont believe a guy cant even throw out another 175 ...when he got a 360 set of rims and just sold the 189
and just traded his 335i
man...such a cheap idiot.....scam!!!

from the pictures u posted the thread run more than 7500 miles for sure man!!!!
just dun bother and deal witht hsi guy....coz he is trying to avoid paying u until u expire the dispute date
Can you speak proper english please i cant even understand what your saying. You come on here and bash me when I have never even spoke to you before via pm or anything. You show alot of character

You could of just made a comment as others have saying "i hope you get it worked out."

The way he has misconstrued me i would think im a scam too.

Ska i think you definately made me look like crap in a very decieving way. What goes around comes around. The wheels were exactly as described.