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Thumbs up Quick Review BMS 1.2 beta!

First off I would like to thank T for letting me testing!

BMS 1.2 beta consist of 15 maps!
8 maps for User and 7 maps for Diagnostic.

Map tested today.
Map 5 - Hotter 1.1 - Higher than 93 oct or downpipes/intake suggested
Map 6 - Hotter 1.1 w/ lagfix 2.0

My mods:
Pre 29.2
Jb3 1.2 customer version
Britalman full catless exhaust
BMS dual intake
Code 3 Fmic
Kosei K1

Install was very easy simple as set it and forget it!

Map 5 and 6
>Testing was done on 91 oct and with no codes!!! My daily driving just made my car faster and fun to get to work! Got to love the gas pedal switch mode so easy to use. On 91 oct feels very strong rips through redline.
Big difference on the low end torque compare to 1.1v. Cant want to test it on race gas. Also cant wait to Dyno!

Out of the 8 user maps I proly use 2.
Map 6 for my daily driving
Map 7 Race - for drag nights

Map 0 Stock/Valet - when my GF borrows it


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