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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Well, what was the impact of KERS?? I watched qualifying and the race and couldn't see any clear correlation. It'd be great to see a graphic of someone overtaking and turning KERS on and off. I assume that those that had it, used it, in qualifying and to pass, yet on light fuel in Q2 all the first several cars were incredibly close together in times.

Given that it has the potential to kill a corner worker or crew member, I'm not so sure that KERS is ready for prime time. They also need a way to showcase it, so that we'd know when it's available and when it's in use or not.

Despite my confusion about KERS and some bone headed driving in the BMW camp, the Brawn/Virgin/Button/Barachello story was fantastic.

We didn't really get to see as much of it as we wanted but, during the race, the on-board shots had a KERS graphic next to the revs/acceleration/braking graphics.

Would be nice for it to be more obvious... maybe a LED array on top of the car (viewers would see it but other drivers wont so much).

KERS use was more obvious when a KERS car approached a non-KERS car or vice versa.

Hamilton, in a inferior car, passing Glock was a good example of KERS use to aid overtaking, whilst Glock, in a superior car, being unable to pass Alonso, was a good example of KERS use in defending a position.

Another impact KERS had on the race, which wasn't quite as obvious, was the effect it had regarding tire wear. Using KERS off the line at the start, carrying the extra KERS weight (approx. 40kg) & the extra 80 bhp 'kick' whenever KERS was engaged no doubt conributed to the tire wear people like Ferrari were suffering on the softs.


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