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Intermittent oil/burning smell

I have a 2006 330i with about 53K miles on it. I got the oil changed around 47K miles and right after I got into the car, I noticed a strong oil smell. I immediately went back inside and got my SA to come out and take a look. His immediate reaction was "Oh your valve cover gasket is cracked and leaking oil." to which I said that that smell was NEVER there before. He took the car in the back and cleaned the engine bay and said the smell would die down a bit but I would need to replace the gasket within a couple of months.

The smell went away for the most part. However, every few days for a minute or two, I can smell some sort of oil or burning smell from inside the car. It goes away and I have constantly been checking the oil and it is at the max level. What could this possibly be? It seems that if this were an actual leak, the oil level would have dropped by now and that's why I haven't taken it in, but it is starting to concern me.