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Not that i dont believe you, but can you get some HIGH QUALITY vids of your exhaust from the exterior of your car. I find it hard to believe that someone with the exame same exhaust but different downpipes can sound magically amazing, while others say the rasp is terrible. Maybe you're desensitized to the raspiness? People say they love my exhaust all the time, but when i ask my honest friends, they admit it sounds a bit terrible at times.
Any suggestions on a high quality camera geared to recording accurate audio? My camcorder is lilke 5yrs old only 720p and takes horrible audio..

again no one has said anything negative.. trust me we bust balls these are all close friends, they'd love nothing more than to tell me how shitty it sounds
I've got a canon rebel t2i that I just picked up an external mic for. I'm gonna try to make some vids this weekend. Most cameras have terrible mics, key is to purchase a good external. I think. Go pro with an external should even be good.