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Originally Posted by vwman View Post

Looks like the JB4 setup is the way to go for me. That'll be my next mod. The forum comes through again especially that sticky thread in the tuning section. Big help there.

As far as the coils, plugs, walnut shell cleaning, injectors etc... I bought a CPO. shouldn't that all have been taken care prior to my purchase?
Since your CPO, I would personally go with COBB just because its an actual flash not a piggyback andof how easy it is to uninstall before going to a dealer and UNDETECTABLE at DEALERS, dont listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. BUT unless it goes to BMW NA for a PUMA case ur screwed but thats rare.. with JB4 you gotta mess with wires and all but its pretty impressive, im not hating..

As for CPO covering plugs, injectors coils etc it really depends. A lot of times the car will misfire only with the tune because its a higher load. once you remove your tune and go back to stock your car might run perfect and the dealer wont notice anything out of the ordinary.

For example, recently my car started misfiring only with the tune installed and i replace plugs and coils myself which was inexpensive at ECS and easy to do.
had it been an injector i would be pissed

good luck