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Is this a common paint issue?

I finally decided to pull the trigger on a project car recently and picked up a hooptie of an E92 335i. It's going to be more work that it's worth, but it'll keep me busy so that's that.

I ended up looking at 3 cars over the course of 2 months and all 3 had this same paint issue. Sun damage of some sort, but I've never really seen this before... They were all 2007-2009 E9x cars and I couldn't believe they all went bad the same way.

This is an image of the trunk of the car I purchased. It's everywhere basically though. And even funnier, I purchased a junkyard fender on ebay to replace my cracked up one... It had the same exact issue also!

I've seen fading, peeling, and bubbling but never this. Is this crazing?

I'm curious to know, who's seen this before? Also, the only option is repaint, right?

I guess an alternative would be to prep the car and wrap over the sanded body... Or plasti-dip. Thoughts?
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