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Originally Posted by relative4 View Post
There is no universal standard. The OEM Sachs I've pulled were mostly 21. The Bilsteins I've installed were mostly 19s, but I think I've seen 17s and 22s. Might not have been beemers...

Removing with air tools is OK, but installing with air tools is NOT. The cut-out sockets are crap. A GearWrench pass-through socket set is well worth the price.
are these deep enough that the handle will clear the top of the strut mount?

Sure does look worth it if it'll work, as that's only slightly more than the cost of two cutaway sockets. Now if I had to get a set of long hex drivers, and it looks like I might, if I had to use the extension, that would offset some of that savings...

Edit: looks like those don't get big enough. there is a "1/2 inch" set but it looks like it's a) over $200 and b) unavailable everywhere.

Looks like the ticket is gonna be a trip to the Freight for a set of 1/2" deep sockets and some long hex drivers, with a little help from my angle grinder. Or I'll just get every size cutaway there is and be lazy.

On reflection while at the Freight I might just see what they have for cheap compressors... might be worth it if cheap enough and then just sell it on Craigslist or something when I'm done.

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