Thread: Strut nut size?
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Originally Posted by relative4 View Post
There is no universal standard. The OEM Sachs I've pulled were mostly 21. The Bilsteins I've installed were mostly 19s, but I think I've seen 17s and 22s. Might not have been beemers...

Removing with air tools is OK, but installing with air tools is NOT. The cut-out sockets are crap. A GearWrench pass-through socket set is well worth the price.
There is a standard for OEM, it would the 21, not only bmw but most German makes. The Bilstein you installed were aftermarket thus being different size. The o2 sockets canít be used on all models as wall is usually thick and strut mounts donít leave much space between the bearing and the nut. These are being installed in thousands every day with air tool. Donít expect mechanics to torque this. Donít expect that it will fail if you donít.