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So after driving around for a while and trying out different diesel stations, I've found that in my area the best diesel is from Conoco! I've filled up several times there and I've experienced increased mpg ratings! The car also feels more responsive with the diesel from Conoco. There's no cetane stickers but I'm pretty sure it's higher than the rest of the diesel stations in my area. I've switched back and forth to BP and Exxon a couple times but they just don't seem to be as good. BP and Exxon are off the interstate and on the BP pump it said #2 diesel. And I think that has to do with the poor mpg and less responsive driving characteristics, as #2 diesel is geared toward truckers. I try and avoid #2 diesel most of the time now. So far Conoco seems to have the best quality diesel in my area.

Aside from trying different diesel I've noticed that the car has improved its over all sluggish acceleration to a degree. Probably because I'm using better diesel.

Now there are some days when the car still feels really sluggish and I still don't know what would cause it to be intermittent like that. I've tried to get my dealership to look at the car more in depth but on all occasions they say its got no fault codes and they just reset the shift points and send me on my way. At one point my SA mentioned how "it's a diesel, it's gonna be slow off the line". It's like they don't want to bother with it because it's got no fault codes.

I've noticed one underlying trait from my local dealership, they aren't as nice to customers who didn't buy their car from them. I'm always asked where I bought my vehicle as if it mattered and when it comes time for me to request a loaner it's like pulling teeth. My SA advised me to also put new O.E summer tires on my car and I'm thinking, but it's almost winter! And there I see a big sign saying Tire Sale! Anyway, I kinda feel like I'd be better off with a different car or maybe just have kept my gas e90!