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Originally Posted by mistryn
Thanks Sam, I will try the above tommorow and report back. I was running out of light today to troubleshoot some ideas

I left the amp settings to my cousin as he is more knowledgable than me but he did say he had turned the gain down for the front speakers for the meantime as the buzzing from the passenger side was loud when the gain was turned more than 1/4. Once I sort this issue out then he wil correctly set up up the gain settings for me

As I need my car for work I am happy to leave it 1/4 until I can sort out this buzzing noise

When you say check left tweeter why do you say that?
Gains are setup on max volume with treble and bass at 0, sub vol at 3.
I think your gain is high as well.

Re: tweeter, if nothing helps disconnect the tweeter from L7 mid to see if that is causing the issue.