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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
anyone here have 2+ gf's (or know of someone)?

the closest i've personally known was a guy who had a gf and a booty call (they didn't know each other but accepted it)
I had a 3-girl rotation for about 4 months in my younger years. I got rid of one after 4 months because she took the attached-and-crazy route when I wasn't moving in the direction she wanted (relationship with her only). After that, I had another 3 or 4 months with just 2 of them. They all knew I was seeing other people and were cool with it. To be honest, it made the sex with ALL of them better because I think they subconsciously wanted me to think they were the best.

That said, I'm in a relationship now and I couldn't be happier. My girlfriend is fantastic in every sense of the word.

My advice: if you're in a relationship and aren't completely blown away, move on. I spent 4 years with one girl, 3 years with another, and 5 years with the previous one just before my current girlfriend. I dated MANY girls in between during my single times. The 3 long term ones, I questioned myself on staying with them just like many of you might be doing. Once I met this one, I realized as good as I thought those relationships were, they weren't something special. I'd never even thought about marriage until I met this one, and I can tell you today she's the person I want to spent the rest of my life with someday. She and I were friends for 6 years before we started seeing eachother, and it gets better and better every day. If that's not the way it is for you, walk. Life is too short to spend it second guessing your choices in women.