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Whats funny is how everyone complains how they dont see results. As they are telling this to your face, they are drinking some starbucks coffee.....really? or the best one "i cant eat any carbs, theyre bad for me"

Also have that one guy at work "i dont get how you eat so much all day long and dont get fat. I eat once a day and a snack and gain weight"

80% diet | 20% training

Learn to live by it. walking into the gym and doing the same crap over and over again will not yield results, especially if you eat like a 15lb toddler.

any questions, post them up here and everyone can chime in to get your diet in check. there are so many meal plans on the internet so jsut figure out your maintenance and up calories from there and play it out for a week or two. if you dont gain a lb or 2, then up some more. thats how you dial in your diet so you can gain. the bigger you get, the more you gotta eat

P.S. Do not ask for anyone to make you a diet. Post up what you eat through out the day and the critics will me lol