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I had the same erratic iPod / I-Drive behavior with my 2nd gen iPod touch w/ 4.0 and 4.1. Before I upgraded to 4.0, my 2nd gen iPod touch was working fine. The thing that makes no sense is the MFi (Made for iPod) music playback protocol between 3.x and 4.x should be the same. It looks like its an Apple regression bug and affects just the earlier generation hardware.

After upgrading my 2g touch to 4.0 and 4.1 the interface was nearly unusable so I used USB flash instead. I tested the interface with my friend's iPhone 4 and it seems to work just fine albiet an error message which you can disregard. Anyway on Friday I picked up an iPod Touch 4g. It's working fine, and no problems with the interface on the current iPod hardware and software.

In your situation you may want to try to downgrade to 3.x but it will require more trouble than its worth, or sell the 3g on eBay and upgrade to a 4g device. I've got 3558 songs loaded with no trouble on the 4g. I don't think BMW will be able to help us much on this since the issue seems to be confined to the combination of 4.x and 2g/3g iPods, but I hope their engineers are working directly with the Apple MFi team. BMW was the first auto maker w/ oem iPod integration and they had an announcement today on future iPad integration.