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Racism? You liberals are all alike. You Obama haters are all alike.
How in the hell is the picture of a guy smoking a cigarette in any way, shape or form racist? Uh, I already answered that.
Oh thats right, because he's black (partially) and anything said about him or posted about him in a negative vein is racist. Gotcha! No, wrong, you don't "gotcha". Again, it's been answered, and it's obvious. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be such a loaded juxtaposition - it'd just be pictures of two people. How 'bout I post G W Bush doing coke off a hooker's ass? He did that at 22. (btw, what's with the "partially black" shit? He's black; if you look italian, or asian, or hispanic, nobody says "partially" - it's a made-up qualifier that's used to denigrate his mixed-race, as if this was the 1950's)

How'd that Columbia education work out for the US so far? That's a retarded question, but I think what you're looking for is the fact that we're recovering from a more severe recession in better fashion, than during Reagan's first term.
How's the hope and change going? Some fine, the rest killed by the repubs. We drawed-down Iraq, passed at least some healthcare reform, reversed many Bush policies, stock market's way up, big companies are showing profits, Bin-Laden's dead etc. You're obviously doing well.
That's what I thought. (forum tip: answering one's own questions makes one look like a pompous ass)
This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a success story. He's an abject failure and a far far cry from being any type of leader whatsoever. Hell, I'd bet he couldn't even lead a boy scout troop. I wouldn't want this guy running a lemonade stand, let alone this country. Ah, here we go, now we're getting to the meat of your stance - you're a hater.
I'm sure, in your mind, the above comments are 100% racist. Then you're clueless as to what's in my mind, because what you said is, in your parlance, 0% racist. However, one has to ask why a President who's doing better than Reagan, is being spoken about with such hate.

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