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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
You are one angry, racist fool. I don't know where you came from, but you've never posted in this subforum before, yet you claim to have been registered for over a year. Not a logical profile for one like you, who appears to be shot out of a cannon. Are you someone else?

As for me, stop guessing and just look me up, idiot. I'm flattered you think I'm younger than my kids, but everytime you say "I'm guessing", you are completely off the mark, which parallels your thought process.

You're really poor at debating. You just don't understand what's racist and what's not. You don't understand that people on the left like me constitute half the US population, that we're people just like you, that we have rational but somewhat different ideas, and that we are intellegent, successful people.

Here's what's racist: Calling him Barry, saying he's "half-black", which is idiotic. Apparently, every other person in the world who looks black is "black", but only Obama is half-black, as if he's one of the few impure people amongst the pure masses.

The truth is, you don't agree with some of Obama's policies (although you have yet to actually mention any facts), but you make him out to be the antichrist. He's a US president, and as such, he has little effect on anything. He didn't create the recession, he doesn't create jobs, he's not even that important within the US government. You make him solely responsible for things because you have a hatred that goes way beyond political views.

Many of our presidents have not run companies, or served in the military. McCain lost, and so did Kerry. When you single out Obama as the only one, that's racist.

Reagan's first term saw skyrocketing unemployment for 2 years, much worse than now. Get your facts straight, Reagan was a hack actor who merely ran up the deficit, and involved us in Iran-Contra.

You need to chill out, and try stating some facts. If you want to rant, take it somewhere else.

Ahh yes, it only took you two reply posts to call me a racist.

Please point out EXACTLY in my post above where anything I said is racist. I challenge you...and don't point to using the name Barry and the fact that I called him "partially" black. That shit doesn't hold water. The guy used the name Barry Soetoro while in college. His mother called him Barry. Where in the hell have you been to not know this?

I pointed out plenty of facts and all you have to retort to is name calling. Typical left wing M.O.

Where did I say that BHO was the "only" elected President to never have run a business? Go ahead, I'll wait to you find it. I'll help you out....I never did. Once again, more made up shit coming out of your liberal pie hole.

Reagan saw unemployment reach 9.6% in 1983. During his first four years the average unemployment was 7.5%.This isn't about Reagan though so I'll stop with the comparisons. This is about you labeling anybody that disagrees with BHO a racist.

You liberals just grasp at anything. I don't hate the guy personally. I hate virtually everything he stands for and represents.

He is the sitting US President therefore everything falls back in his lap. No, he did not create the recession. He sure as hell has piled on though. Stimulus, shovel ready jobs, Obamacare, etc. Increasing the national debt more than all other previous Presidents combined. You can point to Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for the mess we are in with their teet suckling up to Fannie and Freddie. The housing industry drives this country and until something is rectified there, we are not going to see unemployment beneath 8%.

For the record, if you asked Michael Steele (look him up if you don't know who he is) if I was racist, he would laugh in your face. He knows me personally as I volunteered on his campaign when he ran against Ben Cardin for the Maryland US Senate seat in 2006.

Nice try on trying to label me a racist but you are going to have to try something else. Psssst, your best route to take would be because I'm a conservative and he is the most liberal President ever to serve.....all of which shouldn't be surprising to anyone. All you had to do is look at his voting record for the short period od time he was in the Senate. At the end of the day, he sold plenty of the American people a bullshit story and they bought it hook, line and sinker. The polls clearly show (and next November will substantiate it) that he is a one term President.