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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
I'm starting to realize this is a forum for the "short-bus" crowd...
I honestly have no idea what this means, or what point you're trying to make, or sarcastically alluding to. But If I correctly understand what you're referring to by the "one drop" comment, I'd say that, as usual, you're completely not understanding what I said. Normal people don't categorize others by the mix of their parentage, or by their blood makeup. Nobody looks half-black. The term is used as a derogatory dig.
"a" and "A" are the same letter.
Tip: learn to spell the key words in your arguments. What kind of logic are you using to call ME racist because somebody else posted a picture? Let's say I was anti-abortion (I'm not): if I called someone a murderer for having an abortion, how does that then make ME the murderer?

And if the picture isn't racist, then explain to me what the point of the picture is, and why it's intriguing.
If you see this as racist then obviously you feel that it is. So in theory racist or not, you feel racism in the photo and that would make you racist. Maybe not toward white people or black people.

Unless you're calling the OP racist, which is an opinion that you can't prove, again it would come back to you THINKING it was racist.

And I think its awesome seeing a picture of people at work, a white guy next to a cool jet, and a black man just getting out of the crops. No racism there.