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Originally Posted by DisGuy View Post
i love the "Hot N Spicy" chips but you can try Doritos they are pretty good too. LoL, nah but too be for real yea your topic has been beaten up but hey this is a forum for all bmw owners/pre-owners so feel free to ask what ever you want. i hear good things with the JB and Vishnu they are your best picks for piggybacks and they put down some raw power. ppl got mixed feelings cause they are piggy's but i havent heard anything getting blown up or anything crazy, maybe some small minor problems. but those two would be my choice if i was gonna go with the piggyback. dinan is way over priced and dont give you what your looking for in power. i heard good things about them but more bad. or you can go the FLASH route which im going to go. there are 3 major flashes that come to mind, which are GIAC, LET, and ESS. GIAC just came out with a flash which is the one im about to get, but im gonna wait too see more e92's with it b4 i rush into it. i wana use them as guinea pigs lol. $50k aint no joke to be messing with, you feel me. the other flashes im not to fimiliar with but the LET is pretty amazing. i hope this was useful just do some research and dont let some cocky mofo's in here keep you from asking questions. this is a forum which is used to be helpful not banging on someone cause they wana know something simple.
What is the advantage to a flash over a piggyback? Piggyback seems to make more sense to me, since I can disconnect it for service.