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Angry After my oil change, the car has been feeling a bit funny?

I recently did an oil change at my friend's workshop and this time around I used Mobil 1 0w-40 instead of the "recommended" Castrol GTX. I still decided to use an OEM filter because I feel like OEM catches the most amount of gunk. Well anyways, after I was done with the oil change, I drove on a highway/freeway for about 30 miles and the car was acting fine(just regular cruising, shifting at 3k rpm with no high revving action.) This morning, I woke up to come to work an I was in a position where I needed to push all the way to red line. After getting out of that situation, I began to cruise again. After needing to downshift to turn the corner, I noticed my throttle feeling looser and my revs didn't come down as quick. I started to worry that maybe it was the oil that was effecting my power. After getting to a stop light, I turned off my car completely and I turned it on again. After that, everything seemed okay. But my question is, is mobil 1 0w-40 too light for the conventional 5w-30? Or this isn't the problem? It felt like limp mode all over again but on a 328i. I remember hearing a feint pop in between my backfire that sounded very different than the tone of my backfires. I always race in my car but it never went into limp like this before (since I last kicked my car in to 8200 rpm and blew out my secondary cats.) What do you guys think the problem is? There are no lights and no codes for anything else besides my PDCs and my TPMS. BTW, I have a 2009 328i sedan with about 60,045 miles on it. Any input will be greatly appreciated
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