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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
Another experiment. Let it idle in neutral and with your window down, give the throttle a really sharp stab to rev it a bit. Do you hear a "gasp" from the engine? If you're in a manual car, slow the car down in second gear and but the clutch in at about 1200rpm. Do the revs come up before they go down?

My car does this once every few months randomly. My guess is that some non-critical sensor isn't being read. And it goes away on the next start.
So you mean like hi rev downshifting? Do I keep my foot on the gas or just shift to second and let go of the clutch
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.