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A real good friend of mine has a 2011 5.0 mustang. He is "new" to racing, but goes to the 1/4 mile almost weekly. He has been stuck at 12.4-5 @116-117 for a while. His is Auto, and has an intake, throttle body, Steeda tune, and a Borla cat back. He still needs to get the H pipe and Headers to get to a more "full bolt on" setup. Considering stock it was running 12.8 @ 107 with him driving, it picked up quite a bit...

2 Things to keep in mind. First those cars have a lot of combinations of gears available stock from different rear ends, to manual vs. Auto, and it makes a difference. Second, they seem to hit a brick wall around 100mph or so. When we run on the highway, once I shift into 4th on my car (FBO & meth) I start to walk away. It's pretty nice, because unless we run out of room, I'll allways win the highway. The Strip is another thing, I am still "one wheel drive" so I can't get the 60' times he should be albe to get with the Automagic trans. LOL I need to get a diff, however the 335 is not a drag car, and I know it.