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Originally Posted by A_P
Has no one come out with a cycle based based gps tracker unit? small enough to fit in one of the components say the crank? which would be powered by a lithium battery which can be charged via sunlight and also through kinetic energy?

Lets face it bikes are expensive these days and a decent bike is around a grand and higher...

hmmmm I feel a dragons den appearance in place here. I present to you.

The worlds first E90post ( uk section mind) commemorative special edition nothing to do with BMW's, self powered and highly ethical fair trade friendly cycle based tracker unit.

I've thought about this myself but I guess there are two issues that would need to be addressed:
1) bikes are generally either metal or carbon and electromagnetic waves don't travel through either
Perhaps you could make these parts the antenna itself?
2) you could put it in the frame but they'd then strip the bikes down more and sell off parts ( think this happens a fair hit anyway)