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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
I'm getting an M3 rep front. Probably back, too, but one thing at a time, haha.

I need to lower the damn car, too. It's embarrassing.

And yes, I'm a Canon shooter. I absolutely LOVE the 16-35L. Hands down my favorite lens. I do a lot of wide angle, though. You'll be using it on a full frame sensor, right?

What are you shooting? Landscapes? Animals?
Was considering the M3 front/rears. But have had a terrible experience historically with after-market bumpers. (Toyota world) So far, I've been impressed with the fitment of after-market on the 335. I'll be sure to stalk your car when it's at the bodyshop. I've actually put pen & paper to a full OEM 'conversion'. But then I quickly realized it'd be cheaper to put an N54 in a real M3 body than convert it.

Thanks for the detailed response! We have a pretty good L glass collection here. (50 1.2, 24 1.4, 70-200 2.8 IS, 24-105 and 100 2.8 macro) Long story short, but the Rebel XTI pissed us off about 3 years ago and we fixed the problem along with a 5d II and 7d at the time. Earlier this year, just as the 5d III hit the market, we dumped the 5d II and 7d shortly there after. She got a new 5d III and I picked up a smoking deal on a gently used 1d IV. We don't *need* this equipment, but also like the comfort in knowing that if the shot doesn't turn out, it's 100% our fault!

I'll be wanting the 16-35l for landscape, interior, shots/etc. I photographed the birth of our little boy about 4 months ago and wished for something wider as the delivery room was pretty tight.

We will likely do a 24-70 and replace the 24-105 at some point. 85 1.2 and 35 1.4 are also on our wish lists. We'll likely sell off the 24. 1.4 if we get the 35. The 85 1.2 might not ever happen. It's a ton of cash and just one we won't use much.