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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Yeah i did read that thread but completely forgot to mention that method to MrSingh. Will suggest that to him when we talk next. Personally i think it should work as long as its strong enough to hold roughly 40pounds over bumps and bends.

Yeah think you're right about the insulation. Only difference i will have is i have no ski hole, so will need to do some modification.

Just a shame i have to wait 3-4 weeks as he has no IB3s in stock. But hopefully it will be worth it!

Where are you at on your sub? Have you decided on one?
I'm actually planning on doing something different first, going to a 12" corner-loaded set-up. So essentially, we both have flip-flopped our plans, LOL. I want to move more into the SQL direction so I have done some research and I have found a possible solution to get a LOT more SPL in the cabin without sacrificing SQ. This involves a 12" sub with super low Qts and super high x-max and "squeezing" it into a new custom corner-loaded enclosure. I would need to increase the output to the sub to roughly 1000-1200W to get there, so I would also get a new mono amp. If my calculations are correct, the output would equal or better that of two 12W6v2 subs on 500w each.

Once I start on the project I'll start a thread. It is more curiosity than anything else to prove that you can have monster SPL and SQ from a single 12 in this car.

OP, sorry for hijacking your thread.
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