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Originally Posted by RichReg
I know that GreginAz has been right so far and yes, the factories do close in August EXCEPT
I believe the one in Regensberg that builds the E92 will remain open. This is per E90Fleet.

This is probably why the E92 will be available all the way through July, August, September, October, etc.
whereas the E90, among other models, won't actually turn over its model year until September production time.
This is pretty much how its been for some time. During the months of June & July, the E90 will still be an '06 model.

On the other hand, when the 330Ci came out in April of 2000, it was the only car with the 3.0 liter engine
until September. There was a 'lag' time before other cars got that engine. How long that will be this time
is anybody's guess, but its either September or next year...not simultaneously with the E92.
There is a thread here on this forum that has ordering info on the E92 and puts retail cars on lots by Sept. Thus, production for the E92 is/or should be, before Sept. The ordering sheet has orders being taken in June/July, which makes sense sense it takes 6-8 weeks for delivery.a
And, since this is new car retooling has to take place during that same time period.

The question has been IF there is even a 335 sedan in the first place, and if there is why hasn't it been announced considering the
2006 E90 sedan has been out since early 2005.
The speculation of the 335 sedan remains that, speculation.