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Originally Posted by 3aficionado
After reading Greg posting the same information over and over through several pages I donít get why there is any confusion. I wrote it before on page one, post #20 of this thread and I will write this again, "I can attest from reading his (gregs) posts here and at the other forum that he has been spot on most of the time."

RPM, just choose to believe him or not believe him. Nobody is making you drink Gregís Kool-aid. Its your choice and everyone here respects both of your opinions.

As for Greg getting rude... from my view Greg was very polite (writing things like 'I respectfully disagree') during the first dozen times he answered your questions just to have you tell him he is wrong. Reposting your position in some attempt to make him agree with you isnít going to change anything.

Greg is just giving the best info he knows as of today and if you follow his postings in the past you will see he is right most of the time. Heís right so much I fear if he says the new 335 coupe will cost an arm and a leg I may have believe him. BTW, Greg do you have any info on the 335 and 328 coupe pricing?

RPM, if you want to believe your information then please do. Order your new model any month you like and let us know how it works out. You can always post back here at the end of the year and rub Gregís nose in it if his info is wrong. But so far heís shooting like 90% on his inside info. Like it or not heís been extremely accurate.
I have no information of my own to believe. I am in the market to replace my E46 this May. There are postings made about a new model, and thus I pose the question of validity.
I offer counter information to ask and surmise why Greg is saying what he is saying and what his source is.
I haven't been on this forum for years or browse every thread to know if Greg has or does not have valid info. Thus, I can only ask and his answers were contradictory or I wouldn't have asked for clarity. Plus, some of his posts change words, isn't that interesting?
It happened on another thread where I answered one of his rude remarks towards me and a some time later the admin asks me to be nice. I apologize for my comments, look up Greg's and low and behold his posts wording has been changed to all nicey nice. Good work.

But, we should let this go. I want to know answers, I am not here to be right or be correct. It does me no good to go with my own opinion, when in fact it is my lack of BMWNA and dealer information
that brings me here to ask questions.
I simply don't want to make a decision based on internet speculation. I asked for clarity and instead got sucked in.
I will now step back from that and try to find more information here and elsewhere.

I called my dealer today and asked again about ordering a 2007 3 series and if a 335i is coming soon. The sales manager said, "No, there is not a 335i sedan, but there is a 335i coupe coming by this fall." What more can a potential customer do? I have a few more dealers to ask. This dealership has said "no" twice about a 2007 335i coming soon. There have been 2 other dealers I've asked face to face and they said no as well.
It has been suggested that I try and get the info as best as I can.
Well, short of stringing up the sales managers and vehicle ordering people, all I can do is ask.

As far as the "polite" thing, that's not how I was reading it, and I've seen words mysteriously change with no indication of the post being "edited".

But, let's just let it all go and get back to the normal bickering and chest thumping that goes on.
Can we all just get along?
I don't think so, but we can try.