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RPM, . My "view" of things came from reading the posts after the fact (as they are now) not as they were written. None of that is really important as its the answers you seek so we should all just move on.

To summarize Gregs info (and others from other forums) so far. ’06 e90 330/325 production will continue until August when they will retool for the ’07 328/335 e90. Up until August (or some time therein) ’06 325/330 orders will be taken. After that the ’07 328/335 orders will be taken. As the old model disappears from showrooms the new ones will start arriving (by November?). Someone please correct me if I have misinterpreted anything.

You asked why wouldn’t BMW announce a 335 sedan now since they announced a coupe. The coupe announcement has been a long time in waiting. It was expected by all. The e46 coupe is on its way out and almost all allotments are sold. There is very little damage this coupe announcement can make to the current e46 sales. Plus solid information was leaking onto the internet so they might as well announce now instead of this summer (or maybe they planned to announce now – who knows).

If they announced a 335 e90 sedan now the current sales would slump until the new model is released. The e90 is selling well so its in BMWs best interest to keep sedan plans quiet so the average consumer continues to buy. Note: Us forum users are not the average buyer as we are more informed. So, an official 328/335 sedan announcement would hurt current sales of the largest model line so that announcement will be a quiet one held for just before the switch.