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Originally Posted by Romano View Post
Hi, I am new to this tread and let me first say that I have read all the information from the very first post before asking these questions. These are more concerns if anything that are bothering me.

I am planning on purchasing a 2011 328i Xdrive from the states. Florida to be exact. I live in BC, Canada (Vancouver Island near Victoria) I will be using a shipping company (I've been quoted anywhere from $1350 USD to $1800 and up USD) depending on closed shipping or open shipping to bring it to the boarder near the Pacific HWY boarder crossing. Blaine WA, into Vancouver.

I will be requesting a Warranty Vehicle Inquiry from the dealer I am purchasing from (he is not a BMW dealer but has close links to BMW since he deals with them all the time)

I fully understand the process of obtaining binary insurance from my local autoplan broker (susex insurance company) and requesting a permit from Seattle DMV so that I can drive the vehicle to the boarder.

The paperwork needed at the boarder I understand completely.

You mentioned that once you past the US vehicle export office that you stop at the Canadian Boarder office and tell them that you have purchased a car. Other than the bill of sale should I provide anything else? like a bank account statement to show how much I have paid? You mentioned that you can be audited would you please explain that a little more.

I understand there will be no problem regarding the cluster since it is in both KM and Miles and I know how to set the DRLís but I worry that Canadian tire will catch on to the fact that they were only adjusted and that all I have done is set them to be on. Has this happened to anyone? Can I just go to another Canadian tire and try again and hope they donít notice it?

Another concern is the French and English labels? Child tethering restraints point locations and hardware kit? Did anyone have any issues with this?

Itís pretty late as I am typing this so that is all that is coming to me at the moment. If there is anything else I will post again. Thanks for your initial thread it was most informative.

Has anybody recently brought over a 3 series into Canada on the BC side? and had similar thoughts? problems? experiences?
you don't need anything from Seattle DMV --- the vehicle insurance is on the VIN. Just the temp dealer plates that're good for 30 days are plenty.

Bill of sale from the US dealership is plenty. Nothing else required to show what you paid.

Don't worry about Canadian Tire. Their job is to make sure that the DRLs are working --- that's it. And you can location jump if they give you any hassle......they can't stop you from doing that.

Didn't have any issues with French/English or any other thing. Of course, this is in Ontario and not BC.