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Originally Posted by titanle View Post
Hey guys I am new to the forum

I couldnt find an importing thread regarding the X6 so I decided to post my question here.

Im thinking of buying a 2010 or 2011 X6 Hybrid from the states.
I got a price of $52000 for a 2010 with about 17000 miles on it from a bmw dealership. It has warranty until 2014, the dealer said they would provide the service inquiry and make sure the DRL and speedo are adjusted.
My question is about exactly how much I will pay in total
$52000 x 12% HST ($6240) = $58240
plus RIV fee, excise fee, inspection fee and other fees im ballparking about $600

So does $58800 seem about right as to what I will have end up paying once everything is said and done?
I imported by 335 two months ago it is WELL worth it and really not all that hard.

Run the VIN and see where it is made. Mine was made in Germany so I had to pay duties and HST. If you own a company, you can get all the GST back although you have to import the car under the company (which is what I did) and the steps are a little different but still rather easy.

Check to see where the car was made here:

On a side note. MAKE SURE the dealership you are buying the BMW from provides you with temporary plates that allow you to drive the car across the border. Most people throw on Canadian plates, because most states can't run our plates in their system and simply try to drive the car across the border without registered plates. The very first thing the US export office does, is check and ask what plates you have on the car right before you leave the US. If your running no plates, or Canadian plates they have been known to call the state trooper for issue massive fines and have you pay to tow your car across.

If anybody has any questions let me know, I will help you out.

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