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Originally Posted by Van G View Post
Thanks shaginwagon13.

What about BMW USA reimbursing for warranty work done at Canadian dealer? For example, the car is not drive-able and I have to get part 'A' replaced.

You also use 'MAY' wrt to the cluster change and DRL. Can you expand?
BMW will want you to pay for:

1) Recall Letter
2) Instrument cluster changed
3) Daytime running lights

I said that BMW 'may' want all these because you still have warranty on the car and they might say that if you don't get those 3 things, they won't cover the warranty work. I had no warranty left on my car, so I told them to stick it, because really what did I care. As long as the car meets the RIV and MTO standards, you can register the car, but BMW may require you to do it or they will say the car is not safe and will not cover your warranty.

I am 100% sure that if you have warranty they will require you to pay for the recall letter. That I know for sure.

They are also going to push for the cluster but if you argue and be a thorn in their ass, they may drop this and honor the warranty. All you have to say is that the MTO does not require you to change it, the US cluster has both MP/h and KM/h and you do not wish to change.

Once the car is imported, BMW North America has nothing to do with your car and the warranty is transferred to BMW Canada. BMW Canada will be responsible for covering your warranty. Like I said though, if you want them to honor the warranty for sure you will be paying the $500 for the recall letter. Like I said, they may argue about the cluster, just be a pain in their ass and they can't 'make' you change something thats deemed safe by the ministry of transportation.

If anyone has questions keep them coming. I don't mind helping.