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I doubt that Fuse 25 does anything except handle the butler. If the butler is broken or damaged in such a way that caused the fuse to blow it would then disable other safety system - that seems pretty stupid plus NHSTA would not be too happy about that. Also, because the butler give you the belt does not mean it know you put it on which makes no sense for the safety systems.

I assume there is another system under the seat for the air bag as required by new regs and that the seat belt clicker has another sensor and the belt butler is completely out of the safety loop.

The fact that chime still plays tells me that safety systems have detected that you do not have your seat belt on.

I don't believe pulling the fuse will cause a problem. The only problem that remains is covering up the arm so that nobody tries to pull it out but hand like a toy and breaks it.

Truely, the belt butler is a piss poor feature and hope it goes away in MY08.