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Originally Posted by X3power View Post
Anyone have experience with a ticket like this:

"Failure to dim lights" (first offense) $62

I was driving in my X3 out of state (in New Hampshire) on a pretty empty road with my high beams on. It was around 11:30 PM. In essence, the road was a one way road, so no oncoming traffic.

A black police car sped past me in the neighboring lane and tapped its brakes a few times. I couldn't interpret what the officer in the car was trying to do. He then pulled me over and said that he was trying to signal me to dim my lights and served me a complaint summons.

I can either plead not guilty, guilty, or no contest (NoLo). I will pay it, but am worried that maybe insurance will see it and rack up prices?
Anyone have clues?

Anyone else here received a ticket like this?

Not reading the entire posts.

But, your error... hard to fight a HighBeam ticket.

However, you mentioned you were out of state. It depends on if whatever state you're licensed in is reciprocal with the state you got the ticket in. Its highly unlikely a HighBeam ticket will result in points, let alone an increase in auto insurance and that is if your auto insurance company even finds out. So, check and see if you are licensed in a reciprocal state then what your state's rules penalities are for the same offense and if reciprocal the traffic violation may transfer.

Plead as you choose and pay the fine.
Appreciate 1