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Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
We don't have to worry about that in Cali. It's legal to pass on the right provided there is more than 1 lane of traffic going the same direction. I can't imagine how this isn't legal everywhere, but also not going to search 49 other state's laws to prove someone wrong.
The logic for not allowing passing on the right is that because in most states and most COUNTRIES for that matter, driving faster than other lanes is reserved for the left lanes (or opposite depending on which side of the road is being driven on)

Because of this, the traffic flowing on the right lanes will be slower so passing is dangerous because another vehicle ahead of you in the right lane will be going too slow for you to pass.

And actually in California there is a keep right law if you're not passing. The left lane is no longer allowed for just cruising. It's never enforced 99.9% of the time because we have stupid cops but it is technically the law
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