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And actually in California there is a keep right law if you're not passing. The left lane is no longer allowed for just cruising. It's never enforced 99.9% of the time because we have stupid cops but it is technically the law
Wow! I haven't taken my written test, since I got my license and I don't remember if this was always a law? I remember that the furthest Lane to the left on a freeway was called lane 1 and the "fast lane" and on parts of certain freeways it's a carpool lane. Usually in the past vehicles driving at least 10+ MPH would stay in the "fast lane." I used Google and did a search first. I know slower traffic is supposed to drive on the right lanes. Now I even see busses and large commercial trucks in all lanes, including the fast lane on top of the idiots who drive in the fast lane going literally 10-15 MPH UNDER the POSTED speed limit and sometimes changing the flow of traffic to also be 50-55 MPH in a 65 zone until you can weave between all 4 lanes with 4 drivers continuously and simultaneously under speeding nearly side by side with literally nothing ahead, no traffic, no accident, no bad weather, no construction zone, just open road.

When did this become a law, or has it always been? Sorry like I said I haven't taken a written test since I got my license and couldn't find the answer searching first
IIRC I believe it was around 2015-2016 but not sure. It's not as black and white as other states where it's defined as a passing lane but it's something to the effect of regardless of your speed in the left lane, if someone is trying to go faster you have to move over. This is not dependent on traffic but rather based on speed.

But again it's never enforced so it basically doesn't exist lol

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