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Originally Posted by soulja620 View Post
I like it... all you need is wheels, and its a wrap

Linea lc818's

or something with a lip
Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to find a good set of wheels to slap on there soon

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
That lip is pure awesome. I think it is carbon fiber or frp. The molded look is unrivaled. Thanks for posting pics of your ride. I would tint the ambers though. cheap mod but would look amazing on your ride.
Haha, thank YOU for all of the compliments! Yeah, tinting the amber is actually what I was looking into next, aside from the wheels of course.

Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
Judging by your CCW sticker, you should get CCW's.

And I say ditch one of the LTBMW advertisements in the rear. One is enough, 2 looks like you're trying too hard.

Looks great overall, can't wait to see the wheels
CCW's are veeerryyyyy sexy wheels, however they're a bit out of my budget for now... can't let the hole in my wallet get too steep perhaps in the future?? and actually, I never thought about the whole advertisement thing in the rear... interesting perspective haha, I'll take that into consideration. thanks for the input!

Originally Posted by Amans_e90 View Post
all you need is some new wheels bro
tru dat. if I slipped on your old V710s my car will retain your old look!

Originally Posted by pe90zzi View Post
i have to say it looks great!
but in my own opinion i think pre-lci with blacklines and a csl trunk looks way more aggressive but anyways just sharing

Regardless it looks great!!
actually, I was originally going to keep the blacklines and just find a pre-lci csl trunk as you said but the more I looked at the LCI taillights, the more they grew on me... but you're right regardless. CSL trunk + blacklines look sick as well!

also... I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE SELLING YOUR CAR! you have such a sick set up, slammed on those CCWs!

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