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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
Yea the roads are horrendous in MD. I pretty much know where all the imperfections are by now around my area though; but still kind of worries me.

My car has started to puff smoke, a good amount of smoke, when in traffic in 1st gear at about less than 5mph traveling. I can see it out my back window
Do you still have primary cats in? Does the smoke have a distinct smell or color? You could/probably are burning oil like no one’s business. Any changes when the car is warm vs. cold? A lot of cars will smoke with the cats pulled obviously, but “normal” amounts of oil blowby on this motor shouldn’t be producing smoke like that with the primary cats in place. You should really consider an OCC, upgraded PCV valve, and new oil filter housing gasket. Luckily, none of those parts are brutally expensive, and the PCV+OCC can be done on your own if you have some patience. The OFHG is close to free if you DIY, but that takes some time. Sorry your car is being an asshole dude
Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Its snowing in Syracuse right was 55 yesterday.

Fuck this city.
Dude. That sucks
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