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Originally Posted by Biginboca View Post
There is more room with the N54 manifold for sure. What is the flow path for the intake with the SC? Is it flowing from that hard tube with the IAT into the silicone tube joining it? Or from the silicone into the hard tube?

The Throttle Body intake on the N54 points down so some of that extra room might be filled with elbows but I would think the packaging would be noticably easier with the extra room it gives.
So that hard plastic piping that is on the right of the unit, leads down and places the filter directly below the SC itself. Thats what prompted the guy who made the oil catch can, he had some oil leaking down onto his filter, IIRC. And I am glad to hear that with that particular manifold. Thank you for chiming in! FWIW, I got a hold of AJ and he said I could definitely get the piece for the filter to be on top, but was told the supplied hard plastic intake piping helps produce colder air. And naturally so given its position directly behind the bumper where a fog light would be (cant think of the name of that area, go figure) which in turn, prompted Kubrick to create his shield to help limit the amount of water splashing onto the filter. I dont mind adding the elbow to the top because likely, I would do the same as Kubrick to try and protect the filter thus blocking SOME of the air coming in as well. However, even if it was on top, it would be next to an open vent on the hood. And given a rainy day, I would go with my earlier post of creating a similar guard to put underneath said vent. Dont gotta go too fast in the rain, ya know?[IMG]undefined[/IMG]

From the front, the filter would be to the left of the vent, since the power steering reservoir is almost directly beneath the vent itself. It is possible to kind of create a channel for air to pass directly over to the filter. Would just take some time.
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