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Originally Posted by Cala View Post
You should read errors and maybe reset adaptations.

By the way, about adaptations reset, maybe Zigsman can answer my question: is it always necessary to perform the relearning procedure? Or adaptations can simply be reset and then drive the car normally?

A year ago I replaced solenoids and mechatronic sleeves on my 2006 330i tranny becasue of the famous 2th to 1th bump, and reset adaptations and permormed the relearn procedure, and car was going well. But 2 months ago, tranny started to shift hard sometimes, either upshifting or downshifting. So, I already replaced transmission fluid with Vaico, reset adaptations with INPA and performed the relearn procedure. But the issue was still there, so reset adaptations again with relearn procedure and got a little better but sometimes it shifts hard. For example, from 4th to 3th, I can feel the shift too much, like a bump. So I was wondering if the relearn procedure on free road is a must or it is not necessary if you drive most of the time in town. Maybe if I just reset and star driving it can learn how I drive. Or maybe I have been doing it wrong (the procedure).
I've never performed the "relearn procedure", I've always just reset and drove like I normally drive. Never had an issue... Have you updated the software for your transmission? That MIGHT help the shifting issue. Before I tore into my transmission, I made sure it had the latest software and I reset the adaptations. If your solenoids are new and you rebuilt the mechatronics, and changed the fluid, then your torque converter may be the issue or clutch disc pacts might be starting to go.