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Originally Posted by jimmydever View Post
Honestly not to bash the vendors or take their business but I have never had a problem with AL. Everything always works and is top quality. The craftsmanship into each piece is above what you would buy at most retail outlets. Their website does not match the product haha.

One thing I would do differently is get a brighter one for my front ambers. I went with the 23 Led ones, and would like to have had them brighter. Maybe spend the extra cheese and get those 48 ones.
Thanks! I'm sold. Honestly, it's the website that has been putting me off from ordering from them. I'll give them a try now though.

Which 6418's did you go with for your license plate lights? They have some that are 9 SMD's but I'm worried it may not fit in the license plate housing. My biggest worry is matching the stock light output (don't want it dimmer or brighter from how it should be). I may change the brake lights to LED's as well with those 'Matrix II' ones which should give a consistent light output (not just a spotlight in the middle).