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That was over 14,000 and it was cool and breezy at the summit.

Having grown up in Florida and lived for decades in Oklahoma and Texas, the heat here, even at 100, isn't so bad because the humidity is low. Unfortunately, the low humidity is giving the fire fighters and mountain home owners hell. I know two people that lost their homes up in Estes Park and there are hundreds more up and down "The Front Range" (the Denver side of the Rockies in Colorado).

The fires are super powerful this year because of extra fuel caused by bark beetle killing hundreds of thousands of trees. These fires are so strong that they're able to move into the wind. It's freaky. I worry that some relatively major mountain town, like Vail could go up completely.

Yeah, those beetles are bad news. Hopefully some bird or something decides they like eating them or something soon.

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Open to the sky
I like it, makes me want to visit!

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two snapshots. :P

that's super cute!