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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
Yes , it is a life, a life that could have easily been taken by another predator. Squirrels aren't exactly up high on the food chain and possibly one of the best things they contribute to nature is their lives. They are FOOD for other animals. So a better argument for you would be that this guy took away a food source for another animal that went hungry. However that starts getting into what-ifs and theories so its best not to argue over something may or may not have happened if the squirrel was not killed by this man.

lol racist? really?

Where we came from and how we got here refers to the evolution of human life over the past centuries. Less than 200 years ago you had to hunt to get most of your protein (meat) as there was not a mass production food industry. We didn't have large scale farms breeding animal stock to be slaughtered, packaged, and shipped to your local grocery store. Until this modernization of food supply life was a lot rougher than it is now. Instead of not being able to afford food, if you couldn't hunt chances are you didn't eat meat and meat was a crucial part of the human diet back then. People didn't have the luxury of being vegan or vegetarian and buying everything they want to eat in a store.

So for you to read what I as racist when I mention NOTHING negative about a specific race shows your character and how you choose to read too far into things. You're looking for a way to make me look bad because I called you out for thoughtlessly demanding the death of another human whom you do not know over the internet.

So if you want to quote me and reply to my comment, reply with an answer to my challenge. Would YOU shoot the creator of this video if you were face to face and he was unarmed.
You said "realize where YOU came from" in your first post
When you write it like you did in the above, "realize where WE came from"
It makes much more sense
that's why I thought you were being racist.

And no I would not shoot the creator of is video
And that's not what I said
I said I'd like to see the creator of this video in the same situation he put the squirrel in

Your whole point of the squirrel being a rodent, which makes it ok to kill him
Trust me, the biggest rodent on this planet are humans
No other species has fucked up this planet as much
But because we know we are the top of the food chain
We think it's ok to desecrate all other life forms, for shits and giggles

If I'm killing an animal to eat it, I would not be taking a video and uploading it to YouTube.
That to me is what makes this a problem
He wasn't doing it to eat, He was showing off
And anyone showing off killing another living being, is not ok in my book.