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Okay, let me give you the rundown and then respond to some comments. First though I want to say thanks to all of you guys (and gal) for the information. It allowed me to ask the right questions when speaking with all the different parties involved. Anyway, the rundown:

1) Went to the golf course first thing this morning. Once I mentioned "cracked windshield" they pulled out a form to try and recover costs from the county, while also letting me know that the county denies virtually every claim. So much for that.

2) Called AAA (my insurance provider). The automated prompts steer you towards "Safelight" something or other company once they find out it's "glass only" damage. They gave me the option of using their "network" (and having it fixed by today...go figure) or finding my own shop and then calling them back, so I did.

3) Dropped by the local BMW. They gave an estimate:

$1030, but it includes the moldings that some of you guys mentioned. BMW also said that they set the glass, etc, then have it sit overnight and then give it back to me the following day.

4) Called back AAA Insurance aka Safelight, and told them to add Niello BMW as the shop, and they mentioned that they would only cover the costs they deem "necessary & reasonable" which is $742.50, not including tax nor moulding. I had the lady itemize Safelight's pricing and she wouldn't itemize it, but did say their total, out the door cost is $530--inclusive of new molding--of which I would be responsible for $250.

So, with Niello BMW I would be paying roughly $538 ($250 deductible plus the $288 to cover costs above and beyond the $742 they deem reasonable) vs. paying $250 to have it done with Safelight. Bottom line, f*** insurance companies.