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Originally Posted by FJUNO78 View Post
What single malts do you like? I like blended scotch, specifically JW black and the occasional JW Blue as a treat.

I have a couple of bottles of single malts, Glenlivet 16 yr and Glenfiddich 12 yr, but I always find myself going back to blends. I guess I was just a bit disapointed because I thought I was going to be blown away with the single malts.
Totally into blended here too.
JW Black my staple scotch.
I like Gold Label better than Blue....I think the Blue is too smooth...if there is such a thing!
Was on a cruise a while ago, few guys were drinking singles and offered me one...was something called like Strato something.
Anyway hated it....thought it tasted like chivis regal.
Later I found out one glass of the stuff was $100!