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Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
"@BMWUSARacing: Quite a good ending to a very competitive season! Now, the preparations begin for the 2013 Season."

"@BMWUSARacing: Thank you to all our loyal BMW fans. We do this for you! Stay tuned for announcements on next years program before the end of the year."
I saw those same tweets after the race on Saturday night and while they sound encouraging along with Rahal's comments from qualifying I'm not going to get my hopes up until I hear it from Jens Marquardt himself.

Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
If they let BMW run the Z4 GT3 with the 4.4L, it is complete BS. Do I want to see BMW leave But they should not be able to run a V8 in a Z4. If they want to sell efficient dynamics and have the next M3/M4 with a turbo 6-cylinder. Then man the f*ck up and develop a new car for ALMS. Using the Viper as an example to allow BMW to circumvent homologation rules that are in place because of BMW and the old E46 a joke. It is one thing to let the SRT Viper run an 8.0 V10 with an air restrictor, even though the GT class has a 5.5L displacement limit. But to let BMW run a car that simply does not exist in the dealerships is not right. It completely defeats the intent of the series, "race it on Sunday, sell it on Monday."
I'm a big fan of the RLL guys and BMW and would love to see them continue in the ALMS and maybe, just maybe let them run at the 24 Hours of Le Mans once. But I agree 100% with M3_WC. If you are so damn determined to turbocharge everything in the current line-up of cars and tell the customers that is the future, especially the M cars, then prove it on the track. There is a reason why very few manufacturers try to race with turbocharged engines, they are not reliable. This is a chance for BMW to lead and prove the reliability of their direction they are taking. I think a win with a turbocharged Z4 at either Sebring or Le Mans would mean much more to the brand then a Z4 with the M3 S65 shoehorned in. That's what the purpose of racing and Le Mans is, to prove the technology of the cars.

But my guess is they will get a waiver for the engine, reduce some of the aero that the GT3 version has and that way the ALMS/Grand-AM will stay in the good graces of BMW.