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Finished Cleaning / Care Schedule

How your leather feels (its Patina – literally ‘hand’) tells you more about its condition than anything; it should feel like something between velvet and satin. Supple, inviting and luxurious. Leather care starts with maintaining factory fresh feeling leather from the beginning. Keeping it clean is important, and hydration is the key; preserving the life, flexibility, appearance and longevity of your leather.

1. Using a damp terry weave towel, hydrate the finished leather by wiping surfaces each time you wash the vehicle.

2. Clean with surfaces (Leather Master™ Strong Cleaner, diluted as required) once every 4 - 6 weeks with a terry weave towel and a leather protection product (Leather Master™ Protection Cream)

3. Bi-annually use Leather Master™ Soft Touch (ex Vital) - This is NOT a conditioner per se but is used to improve and maintain the tactile feel and lustre by rehydration and to ensure the leather remains matte, soft and supple.