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Originally Posted by bamsefar View Post
Update: Efter the latest firmware in my Samsung Galaxy S3 (LH1) I have lost all contacts permanently in the car - I never get ANY contacts downloaded.

The same goes for the previous version of the firmware as well.

It's a shame that Samsung can't get this working. The S3 is supposed to be Bluetooth 4.0 compatible - but it is not.

Current advice is: Stay as far away from the Samsung Galaxy S3, if you ever plan to use it with a BMW bluetooth connection - it will simply not work.
OK i think your onto something as the only thing i can think i changed was the modem on my phone, maybe the kernal too but i have since reset it and also tried three modems but cannot find the working version.

I made a post here:

I am now tempted to go through every modem until i get the damn thing to work. Maybe its this which is causing the problem